Matched Betting Welcome Pack Ben!

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Hey Ben,

As you’re new to matched betting, I wanted to put together a welcome pack, in the form of of top tips designed to help guide you through Matched Betting with Team Profit.

Here are my starter 5 Top Tips:

1. Watch The Video Guides (20mins)

what is matched betting video

Grab your favourite drink, sit back and learn matched betting with our Video Guides that last just 20 minutes. I have tried to apply a ‘No Waffle ruleso they are as concise as possible.

Start The Video Guides
2. How To Make £1,000 Plan

Starting With Guides

To help you make your first £1,000 profit risk-free, you can follow one of three week by week plans, starting with £10, £25 or £100. The guide Which Plan Should I Choose helps to explain the benefits of each different plan.

Choose Your “Starting With” Plan
3. Tracking Your Profits

Profit Tracker

This free to use Profit Tracker will keep track of your profits as well as your bookmaker and exchange. It is built using google spreadsheets so you can use it on your mobile or laptop no problem.

Get Your Profit Tracker
4. Understanding Free Bet Profit

Free Bet Profit Explained

You will be receiving hundreds of pounds of free bets in the weeks ahead. To understand why higher odds means more profit, I recommend visiting this Free Bet Profit Guide.

Find Out More
5. Don’t Be Shy Ask For Help

Facebook Support

Either post a question in the super helpful Facebook Group or get in touch with us on Team Profit, via our Support Page.

Hope the tips help you and see you in the Facebook Group!

Team Profit Dan
Cheers, Dan!

63 Broad Green
Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 4LQ

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