Chris’ Profit Routine, New App and More

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Hi Team

This week has been fairly exciting as Team Profit have finally left the Stone Age behind and gone mobile! We’ve got a fresh new App available on both the major App Stores so be sure to check them out!

We’ve also started a new series of posts labelled “A Week in the life of..” where we will be finding out what other Matched Betters do and sharing it with you! From stay at home mums, to students, to everyone in between – we want to find out what everyone is doing to maximize their profit and help others!

If you missed last week’s email then you may not have heard about the Cashback guide we’ve put together. You should definitely check it out as you can make over £700 from the Cashback sites and the offers are really easy to do! You can find the guide here.

Check out what’s happening this weekend in terms of offers in the Weekend Offers post, and what else we’ve been getting up to!

Weekend Offers

Weekend Offers Guide

This guide will help you smash the bookmakers over the weekend and make a tidy profit from their offers!

Weekend Offers Guide Here
A Week in the life of: Chris!

Week In Life of Christ

Find out what our very own Chris Harvey does on a day to day basis, and how he makes his profit!

Chris’ Weekly Routine Here
New: Team Profit Web App

Web App

Our entire Team Profit website in app-form, available on both iOS and Android.

Check Out The App Here!
Team Profit Tom
Cheers, Tom!

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Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 4LQ

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