This weekend’s offers and a new promotion from Bet365!

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It’s been a great past week for Matched Betting with tonnes of offers on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Champions League – there were well over £100 in free bets up for grabs, as well as an array of 2ups landing during midweek Championship and Champions League fixtures.

This weekend promises much of the same, with a full Premier League fixture list (starting tonight at 20:00), so check out our Weekend Offers Guide for the best offers to get involved with.

We’ve also put together a guide on Bet365’s brand new 14up Early Payout Promotion which is arguably just as profitable, if not more-so, than the 2up promotion. So be sure to check that out!

Oh and as it’s a slightly quieter week for Team Profit updates (plenty in store in the coming weeks though!), so we’ve included a 10 commandments Video reminder to keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to Matched Betting! 🙂

Weekend Offers

Weekend Offers Guide

This guide will help you smash the bookmakers over the weekend and make a tidy profit from their offers!

Weekend Offers Guide Here
New Video & Guide: 14up

14up guide

14up is an extremely profitable offer on the NFL. Check out the video and guide here so you can start profiting from it.

14up Guide Here
10 Matched Betting Commandments

10 commandments video

Incase you haven’t seen them before: The 10 commandments should be followed to help you with your Matched Betting.

10 Commandments Video Here
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