International Break: Yes you can still profit! And new team member Jeremy!

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Hi Team

We’re currently on the international break meaning not much football going on and slightly less offers. Don’t let this put you off though – there’s still plenty of profit to be made!

Check out the International Break video below which will go through some of the main things, and make sure you’re around on Sunday to smash the 14ups as they can be worth alot of money.

This week we also welcome a new member to Team Profit HQ: Jeremy! Jeremy will be working with us to help make all of you the most profit possible, and continue the smashing of the bookies! If you have any questions about Matched Betting (or if you want to talk about PPI) then Jeremy is your man!

So I hope everyone has a profitable weekend despite the football downtime. There’s still plenty to be getting on with, and lots of football to be looking forward to next week!

Weekend Offers

Weekend Offers Guide

This guide will help you smash the bookmakers over the weekend and make a tidy profit from their offers!

Weekend Offers Guide Here
International Break

Int Break

What should you do on the international break? How can you still make proft? Check out this video to see!

International Break Video
New Team Member: Jeremy

Jeremy Img

Jeremy joined us a few weeks ago and will be helping you profit from the bookies. Find out more about him here.

Jeremy’s Introduction
Wednesday Webinar Recording Live!

Webinar Live

Our Wednesday newbie webinar was recorded and is now live – please share with your friends and family to get them started!

Webinar Recording Here
Team Profit Tom
Cheers, Tom!

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Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 4LQ

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