Easy £10 Profit With Trading 212

Team Profit
Hi Team

You may have seen the website Trading 212 mentioned in the Facebook group or on Oddsmonkey. They are a stocks & shares investment website where you can buy and sell shares in various companies.

So why are we emailing you about them, as surely this is gambling? Well, around a month ago their website gained notoriety as they were handing out free shares to people who sign up and deposit.

You literally sign up as you would with a bookmaker, deposit, and get a free share.

Trading 212: Free Share

Trading 212 Free Share

Click below to visit our Trading 212 guide. £10 profit for 5 minutes of “hard work!”

Trading 212 Guide

The share is normally around £10, however some people have had up to £100. Although this isn’t exactly Matched Betting, it is risk free and we can make a very quick profit!

We didn’t want to share this with anyone until we’d tried and tested it ourselves and we are confident it now works.

This is literally free money and takes all of 5 minutes to do. Check out our guide below on how to complete the offer!

Team Profit
Cheers, Tom!

63 Broad Green
Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 4LQ

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