The Weekend Profit and Easter Giveaway 🐣

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Hi Team

Happy Easter everyone 🐣 the only time in the calendar that allows you to spend four days doing absolutely nothing but eat chocolate eggs, guilt-free!

If you’re currently thinking to yourself, I need more of these chocolates (and cash), we have you covered. Simply head over to our Facebook group to enter our free Easter Giveaway, by guessing the number of chocolate eggs in Buschra’s Easter jar.

OK, maybe it’s not wise to only eat chocolate and guess the number of eggs in a jar, as there’s also lots of matched betting profits to be had! 💰

Check out our newly formatted “The Weekend Profit” guide, which includes Golden Goal on Sunday’s 13:30 fixture, as well as all your favourite offers for a weekend jam-packed with football.

“The Weekend Profit”

The Weekend Profit Image

The weekend offers guide (now called “The Weekend Profit“) has had a face-lift to reflect The Daily Profit format.

The Weekend Profit Guide
HAPPY EASTER + Easter Giveaway!

Happy Easter Image

Visit our Facebook Group or Page and enter our giveaway for free, to win up to £50 plus chocolates! 🍫

£100 Easter Giveaway
Team Profit Dan
Thanks, Dan!

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