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Hi Team

Congratulations to the winners of our Easter Giveaway: Nicole, Ian, Faye, Anna and Marie! The £100 and more importantly, the mugs have been dispatched 💸☕

This week we introduced you to our new recruit, Josh and he’s hit the ground running this week with two blog posts already; “A Week In The life of Jess Titley” and “Weekly Bet Clubs – Updated!“.

We’ve written a new bookmaker guide and it’s a bit of a weird one. Kwiff is a bookmaker that randomly boosts the odds of your bet, meaning if you can find a close match to back and lay then you could be looking at a tasty profit! 😍

Lastly, Tom has all the best offers this weekend including Golden Goal on Man United vs. Chelsea on Sunday at 4:30pm!

“The Weekend Profit”

The Weekend Profit Image

The weekend offers guide (now called “The Weekend Profit“) has had a face-lift to reflect The Daily Profit format.

The Weekend Profit Guide
“Week In The Life Of Jess”

Jess Image

Jess shows us how she juggles making £1000 per month through Matched Betting with being a full time Mum!

A Week In The Life Of Jess Titley
“Weekly Bet Clubs – Updated!”

Weekly Bet Clubs Image

Josh has spruced up our guide on how to profit from 10+ bookmaker’s weekly bet clubs.

Weekly Bet Clubs – Updated
“Kwiff Guide”

Kwiff Image

With random odds “Supercharges”, you can make a tidy profit from Kwiff, especially in your first few bets!

Kwiff Guide
Team Profit Jeremy
Thanks, Jeremy!

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