Big Betfair News and Bet Clubs Update

Plus “The Weekend Profit”

Team Profit Image
Hey Ben Ben,

Betfair have shaken up the world of exchanges 🌍

You can now choose between 3 different commission rates! One of which being a 2% offer which works for gubbed accounts! Tom has all the info here ⬆️⬇️

Do you take advantage of weekly bet clubs? They’re worth up to £50 every single week and we’ve got all the up to date offers right here 📕

Yet to do your first offer? Tom’s Weekend Walkthrough takes you through step by step towards your first £10 of profit 💸

Last but not least, we have all this weekend’s Matched Betting offers in the epic, Weekend Profit!

2% Betfair Image
New Betfair Commission

Get 2% on Betfair even if your account is gubbed with
“Betfair Rewards”

How To Get 2% Commission
Weekend Profit Image
The Weekend Profit

All the most profitable offers from this weekend’s sport.

Profit This Weekend
Weekly Bet Clubs Image
Bet Clubs Updated

We’ve got all the latest free bet clubs in our up to date guide!

Get up to £50 per week
Walkthrough Image
Tom’s Weekend Walkthrough

New to Matched Betting? Follow along with Tom’s video to make your first profit!.

Start Your Journey
Jeremy Image
Cheers, Jeremy!
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